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Our Story

The first Ground Round was built in 1969, and provided a "neighborhood pub" experience where everyone, including couples and families, felt comfortable.
The restaurant had a limited menu with only 12 items featuring primarily burgers in a basket, snack food and pitchers of beer. The atmosphere was casual, relaxed and permissive.

As the original "no rules" place, we were a big success with customers. During the early 1980s, we evolved towards a fun, family-oriented environment. In the 1990s, everyone, including families, began to dine out more often. People expected quality food and service, and once again, the Ground Round met this guest expectation by improving food quality, taste profiles, portion size, customer service and overall value.

Today, the Ground Round menu offers a combination of variety, flavor profile and portion size that is unequaled in any other casual dining concept.

We continue to create a dining experience and level of service that surpasses customer expectations and provides a true value for our guests.

We are the place for families, friends and sports fans.